Frequently asked questions

  1. Why can't the scouts use the Guide Hall or one of the other halls in the village?
  2. The Guide Hall is not available at times that the scouts need to use it. We have tried using other halls such as the Churchill Hall but the space just doesn’t work for scouting. In addition none of the halls offer the storage of scouting equipment that we desperately need.

  3. Why can't the scouts continue to use the Clock School?
  4. Without a new hall this would be our only option but it is far from ideal. Access has to be arranged through the school and not all times that we want to use it are available. There is also very limited storage and kitchen facilities. Currently our equipment is spread between a container in the park, a container at Drayton Beauchamp and various leader's lofts. This means kit has to be collected, taken to meetings and then returned each week.

    Since the start of Covid 19 the Scouts have been unable to use the Clock School until January 2022

  5. Where would the new hall be located?
  6. The proposed location is adjacent the far end of the park, almost opposite Café 108 on London Rd. The location is excellent for the scouts as it is central within the village so as many people as possible can walk to meetings. The proximity to the park is also great for activities.

  7. Why does there have to be new houses with the hall?
  8. The new homes are enabling development for the Scout Hall releasing the Scout hall site and paying for the access rights from Buckinghamshire Council. In addition the new homes will carry the cost installing the new access and servicing the scout hall with utilities and drainage.

  9. How much will it all cost?
  10. Until the hall has been designed it is difficult to be sure of the total cost but initial estimates are £300-£350,000

  11. How will you raise the money to fund it?
  12. Ollie's fund, the scouts and others have already pledged funds totalling £165,000. The rest of the money required will be secured through a mixture of grants, traditional fundraising and local businesses

  13. How long will it all take?
  14. We are currently trying to secure access rights to the site via London Road from Buckinghamshire Council as well as the release from an old restrictive covenant. As soon as this is done we can start the detailed design process and start construction. Overall we expect that this will take around 2 years.

  15. Who will look after the hall?
  16. It is expected that the hall will be looked after by trustees who will ensure that the income necessary is made available to maintain and run the hall. We are currently putting together a business plan to set out how this will be done.

  17. Will there be parking?
  18. Yes. The site that is being proposed is large enough to accommodate the hall and its associated facilities as well as around 20 car parking spaces.

  19. What will it look like?
  20. We don't know exactly yet as it hasn't been fully designed but the CGI gives you an idea of what it may look like. As part of developing the design the Explorers, Scouts, Cubs & Beavers have and will be holding sessions to establish what they would like to see inside & outside the building. We are keen that the building is well designed with high quality materials and that it incorporates low carbon technologies and enhances ecology.

  21. How can we help with this project?
  22. As well as signing the petition by 27th February (through our homepage) We are looking for people to help with fund raising, business planning, planning & design and of course donations. If you think you can help with any of these please contact [email protected]